EUCUSA wants to make the world a better place.

We passionately work to anchor the value of associate and customer orientation in the heads and hearts of managers of important companies throughout the world.
Through measuring the increase in associate and customer satisfaction we make a significant contribution to strengthening associate engagement and customer loyalty.
The positive effect of these key factors on the profit margins of our clients facilitates their and our continuous growth.

EUCUSA is growing continuously, with satisfied co-entrepreneurs and clients throughout the world.

Large companies, mainly in Austria and Germany, undertake worldwide associate and customer surveys with EUCUSA. We are proud to also assist these companies in implementing appropriate actions stemming from the survey results. The satisfaction of our clients is what we strive for and it is also our reward. We encourage and challenge our employees, because their contentment is the precondition for quality, profit and growth.

The needs of our clients require us to have associates who are highly competent, dedicated and business-oriented. We are a small team of twenty permanent associates located in Vienna and Berlin. We manage our continuous growth by transferring responsibility to our associates from an early stage and consequently sharing knowledge and experience. For decades we’ve been working with experienced and selected partners all over the world to better understand the differences between cultures. Our clients appreciate the local presence of their contact personnel and the communication in their mother tongue. We reflect on our successes and potentials on a regular basis with experienced managers and experts who are honorary members of the board of the EUCUSA association, which was founded in 1997 and exists in parallel to the EUCUSA company.