Results of the EUCUSA customer survey 2014

On our own behalf we conducted a customer survey in mid-November 2014. We are convinced of the success of our methods and used them for our customer survey as well.


Overall result: 1.6

In total, 21.5 % of all customers and partners working with EUCUSA during the last five years have participated in the EUCUSA customer survey. We would like to thank them very much for their participation and for the very good result!


On the well-known EUCUSA scale that ranges between 1 and 6, 88% of all answers have been either 1 or 2. We were able to achieve an overall result of 1.6 which – according to our traffic light system –corresponds to the green area! We have received very positive answers for the aspects of the dimensions  “team“ and  ”responsiveness”. These statements tell us that cooperation with EUCUSA is very good and characterized by open, trustful and good personal relations with a highly professional, friendly and dedicated EUCUSA team.

This is very important to our customers

In the co-operation with EUCUSA the following aspects are most important to our customers:

  • Competitiveness
  • Competence of employees
  • Trust in EUCUSA employees
  • Flexibility during the project
  • Reports are easy to understand

For all these aspects results vary between 1.2 and 1.9 which shows that we are able to meet the most important expectations!


The best EUCUSA results

We have achieved the most positive feedback in the following areas:

Trust in EUCUSA employees   1,2
Serious service provider 1,2
Agreements are met 1,2
Speed of responses       1,2
Willingness to help 1,2
Competence of employees 1,3


Areas of improvement

When it comes to the newsletter and our events, our partners are not as happy with EUCUSA (results vary between 2.4 and 2.5). We have deeply analysed the results of these aspects and we have learned that a significant number of our customers and partners do not know our newsletter yet. EUCUSA events have mainly taken place in the area of Vienna until now which means that many of our customers and partners have not had the chance yet to participate. Going forward, we will review our event concepts and develop new ones even though the newsletter and the events have not been ranked as very important to you.


Please recommend us

Almost 80% of the decision makers of our customers and partners have said that it is likely or very likely that they will recommend us to friends and colleagues. We are happy to provide all those who are interested in working together with EUCUSA with more information about possible co-operation.