Why customers choose EUCUSA?

You can buy a survey for as little as a few hundred dollars - but you normally get what you pay for. Start adding real value to your company.
Due to its refined methods and long project experience, EUCUSA is easlily positioned to be the global product leader in associate surveys.

Here are some of the advantages you enjoy as a direct results of EUCUSA's approach to surveys and of the decade-long work that has gone into our product:


Unique Focus and Expertise
EUCUSA specializes in employee and customer surveys and does not offer them just as a tag-along on top of HR-related services to increase sales or mix them in with market research. Our scientific approach that was originally research-motivated, combined with years of project experience since 1997 and method refinement make us the undisputed product leader in the category.

Benchmarking Database
With many million of distinct data sets EUCUSA can draw on responses from more than 600 clients in all industries, geographies and company sizes to help you understand where you and your company stand.

Impact Reporting
EUCUSA survey reports are not just "nice to have" documents that beg the question "so what?". Our survey evaluations follow a standardized format that has been refined and optimized over time to maximize the impact on actionable follow up measures. Because we collect information about both agreement and importance, we can contruct a meaningful action porfolio. EUCUSA reports inspire action for change and improvement - our experts can help you in specially designed results review workshops to develop follow-up plans and responsibilities on all levels of your organization.

Any employee or associate survey that is administered in-house runs the risk of raising suspicions about what happens with the data. The same applies when the same HR service provider that does your recruiting or payroll system also conducts your employee survey. EUCUSA can act as a credible third-party and thus generate answers that are genuine, honest and reflect the true opinions of your associates.

The mission statement of EUCUSA is the modest endeavor to make the world a better place. Our motivation is based on the highest ethical values that can be felt in our products and services, directly benefitting your associates and supporting your strategic goals.

International Execution
EUCUSA has a long list of satisfied clients with large and complex international organizations. Regardless of number of field officies, nationalities, languages, matrix reporting lines, necessity of partial offline surveys etc. - you will not find any provider who can deliver with such precision and provide a rapid follow up that is unparalleled in the industry.

PMI Experience
In post-merger integration situations it is especially important to facilitate change in a way that does not the destroy the value created by the transaction. With EUCUSA's PMI package you can quantify those employee related facts that cannot be found in the balance sheets and income statements, and you can check these numbers periodically. After buying a company, get the buy-in from the people by showing them that you are listening to what they want to say in order to facilitate true value creation.

Dual-Factor Analysis
Ordinary surveys will tell you (in some cases) what goes well and what does not. Better surveys will also reveal which aspects are those the repondents really care about (even if the methodology is flawed in 80% of the cases). The EUCUSA survey design also allows the identification of hygiene factors, i.e. easily overlooked aspects that do not generate positive satisfaction in employees, but will generate dissatisfaction if absent. Managers now have tool to help them discover what they should pay attention to.

EFQM Expert Status
EUCUSA is the only partner organization of the Austrian chapter of the European Foundation for Quality Management. The EFQM Excellence Model is an integral part of the philosophy behind the ECCUSA’s effective, respectful and valuable interventions.

Our experience with many hundreds of clients the world over ensures that you will do things the right way. There is nothing more deplorable than doing surveys that turn out to be counter-productive. We will set you up to approach the survey project for maximum positive impact and see you through the logistic and organizational process to conduct a smooth survey and deliver reports on time.

Despite its product leadership, EUCUSA is a nimble and efficient company. You can expect that we will go the extra mile to make your employee and customer survey a success. Our dedicated project managers will liase with the responsible people on your side and also be available when larger companies let you record a message on their answering machine.

Over many years, EUCUSA has developed and refined a software system that integrates smoothly all aspects of the survey process. Some features of our system are: automatic scanning of paper questionnaires, efficient and secure online surveys, easy-to-ship sealed ballot boxes, state-of-the art reporting regardless of organization complexity - and even online tracking of follow-up measures, complete with data security and sophisticated analysis engines.  We have not yet come across any expert system for employee and customer surveys which is this complete, usable and scientifically sound.