AVL List

AVL - Reference Eucusa"From the questionnaire setup with the AVL satisfaction team until the development of actions for each individual organizational unit, EUCUSA has supported us in an ideal way. The following points should be mentioned in particular: - visually attractive questionnaire with clear questions that are relevant to our company, including a benchmark with 200 other companies - transparent and easy to read reports and interpretation of results - absolutely “watertight” methodology to guarantee the anonymity of the survey - highly competent support during the action workshops and the development of actions.

These issues, together with the very professional presentations and moderations by Mr. Preyer and Mr. Carbon during the entire project, have impressed associates, the Work Council and the management of our company alike. Thanks to the associate survey, a new communication culture was established between all organizational levels. Those issues that generated dissatisfaction, and which previously had only been discussed in small groups, are now discussed and dealt with openly. Our expectation, which was to start establishing a process of continuous improvement, was more than fulfilled. At the end of 2006, we want to repeat the survey with the help of EUCUSA, to see if the measures that have been taken bear fruit within the whole organization."

Dir. Stephan Baron
personnel manager AVL List