Darron - Eucusa Reference

I used to see customer surveys as a simple thing to arrange and conduct and, although a lot of work, not a great deal of skill involved; Harald showed me I was wrong. All the customers we visited were asked to place the magnets where they felt Darron sat in the matrix, however Harald questioned and probed in a very professional manner to really drill down into the customer’s thought process to refine the results. Often the end result was different from the initial assessment, but more accurately reflected what the customer actually thought. A number of them have since called me and commented how Harald made them really think of how they viewed supplier satisfaction and how they appreciated being asked these questions.

We have received substantial orders from customers and many enquiries, and I honestly believe that the Eucusa meetings have enhanced Darron’s image with the customers and possibly led to these additional orders.

I am convinced that SBOE benefit greatly from these surveys, both in the information gathered and in the feeling of goodwill it generates in the customer base.

Thanks for retaining Eucusa to do these surveys.

Gareth Roberts
Managing Director Darron