360-Degree Appraisal

360-Degree Appraisals 
The benefits of a professional 360-degree appraisal process, in which an individual in an organization benefits from the feedback from peers, subordinates, superiors (and in some cases customers), have been well established by numerous studies and decades of practice in numerous large and smaller companies as well as the military.

Managing complexity
However, when it comes to the implementation of a 360-degree feedback project the sheer complexity of the relationships has traditionally been a challenge and it has remained one despite the proliferation of PCs and computer networks. Large companies may have organizational structures that go beyond simple linear hierarchy (such as matrices, dotted-line reporting or project based teams) and the management of such a feedback process can be quite difficult. For example, the number of appraisal forms for one middle level manager with many peers and quite a few direct reports can already be a significant workload.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to provide the right measure of questions, because otherwise the interest in the appraisal process will fade away and the quality of the feedback data will be lacking in substance; additionally, the feedback forms will have to be delivered and collected (mostly online) in a way that is convenient and easily manageable for the individuals polled. EUCUSA has the tools and technology to provide all the prerequisites for high participation rates and quality data collection.

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