Strategic Customer Surveys

Loyal customers are one of the most important success factors for any enterprise or organization. If your customers are satisfied, they will come back and buy again (we know). The best way to measure customer loyalty is to conduct a strategic customer survey.

One central distinction of the EUCUSA customer survey is our emphasis on the survey process and the resulting customer experience. More often than not customer surveys are conducted without taking the customer experience of the survey itself into account.

Have you ever been polled as a customer of some company and felt pestered and even exploited by the intrusive or hardly comprehensible questions directed at you perhaps by some seemingly disinterested telephone operator? Have you perhaps had doubts about the rationale behind some questions? Did the poll motivate you to engage with the company in the future?

Don’t conduct customer surveys before you are sure you can control the resulting customer experience.

Also, a customer survey is a very strong signal in the quasi-public space. Thus, it has great information value for the receiving parties. You should be very careful about crafting this message and leveraging the resulting opportunities. You can choose which aspects to stress and which topics to make the central subject of the conversation.


  • An ideal strategic customer survey should accomplish the following:
  • Gather accurate data about your customers’ level of satisfaction
  • Provide insights into your customers’ expectations
  • Increase awareness about your products and services
  • Signal appreciation to the customer and provide a positive experience
  • Enable you to adjust your products and services to better serve your customers
  • Identify success factors from the customer point of view
  • Find potential areas for improvement
  • Reignite relationships with key accounts
  • Discover possible endangered accounts with sufficient information to keep them
  • Generate new interest from prospective or past customers
  • Attain data that is actionable for internal improvement processes


EUCUSA Strategic Customer Surveys can provide you with critical information for understanding the key levers for increased sales. It can inform your own organizational development as well as marketing and sales functions. In many cases the survey itself will generate immediate sales and thus virtually pay for itself.