Increase Sales

EUCUSA can contribute to increasing your sales in the short and long term.

The sales process can be one of the most strenuous and taxing tasks of all business functions of your organization. Sales team members frequently have to deal with rejection, disappointment, fickle customers, broken promises and disheartening periods of sales slumps. In comparison to other functions, salespeople are often more likely to develop stress-related health conditions and burnout syndrome.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your sales team healthy and motivated. Sales success is not only a matter of market research, product tweaking and well-scripted pitch books. Rather, the key success factor lies in the motivation of your sales associates. EUCUSA has developed a package of measures that can support your sales team in achieving tangible success and boosting your bottom line.

The Benefits of the EUCUSA survey
As explained in the section on Motivation, engaged associates are different from those that are just performing well. If a salesperson is bringing good results but lacks genuine satisfaction with his tasks it is likely that his performance will not be sustainable. A specifically crafted EUCUSA associate survey will not only measure the degree of engagement among the members of the sales team but also have a direct impact on this measure. Remember, a well-implemented survey signals appreciation and respect and thus directly increases motivation and engagement.

After the survey, the reflection workshops serve to present the results and interact with the polled associates to contemplate the implications of the data and to generate concrete action points. Seeing the results in the aggregate will enhance the team spirit of the sales teams, counteracting the frequent phenomenon of “lone fighter” syndrome, where salespeople that spend a lot of time away from their desks and become increasingly dissociated from their team.

These workshops also represent valuable opportunities to interact with other members of the organization who are not part of the sales team. Over time, salespeople sometimes grow somewhat remote from the actual product they are selling because they do not experience customer service, repair and maintenance, nor even positive customer feedback. Thus they can gain a better understanding and indeed identification with the actual products and services they are selling, which will not only make them more effective when interacting with customers about product specifics, but also inspire more “meaning” into what they do.

Intensifying the Conversation
The EUCUSA Strategic Customer Survey is a powerful tool designed to intensify interaction with the important existing, prospective and inactive customers. It will gather valuable data about your customers, their satisfaction, their expectations, their priorities and identify possible areas of improvement for your product and services.

But more importantly, it will engage your customers and immediately create a positive customer experience. This process will certainly generate increased awareness about your products and services, but it can also reignite interest in your product in inactive or former customers or in new prospects.

Thus, in many cases, these EUCUSA interventions have resulted in immediate additional sales directly generated as a result of these interactions, making the EUCUSA engagement a cash-flow positive proposition in the short-term while laying the foundation for sustainable long-term sales success.

We have several reference projects where we integrated the survey results into the existing CRM system in order to make full use of the insights gained through the survey.